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Exportation of essential oils of Madagascar

Exportation of vegetable oils of Madagascar

Aromeya is a company working in essential oils in Madagascar. It is from our 100% pure and natural productions that the company has created a range of derivative products. The company is also specialized in the marketing of packaging in aluminum for ether, essential oils, vegetables, seeds and powder.

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Production and exportation

Essential oil of Madagascar

Madagascar is rich in essential oils with magical properties. The benefits of essential oils from Madagascar are numerous and some of these oils are endemic to Madagascar. For many years, minor everyday pains have been treated using essential oils, by ingestion, application to the skin or diffusion. With more research, these oils are increasingly refined without adding chemicals or affecting their properties. The oils then remain pure, natural and complete. Aromeya, exporter of essential oils from Madagascar, works in the wholesale and retail sale of essential oils from Madagascar.

Production and exportation

Vegetable Oils of Madagascar

Like essential oils, Madagascar’s vegetable oils also provide many benefits. Vegetable oils are often used as beauty products and cosmetics for skin and hair. If the essential oils come from distilled aromatic plants, the vegetable oils are obtained by the cold or hot expression of oleaginous fruits (nuts, seeds or fruits containing lipids). These vegetable oils are carefully extracted in plantations throughout Madagascar, processed, bottled for sale on the national and international market. Aromeya ensures the marketing and export of vegetable oils from Madagascar.

Exportation Huiles essentielles de Madagascar

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To import essential oils and vegetable oils from Madagascar worldwide, contact Aromeya. As distributor and exclusive representative of the Aluminium Tournaire packaging on Madagascar, Aromeya ensures the packaging of its products for a shipment and a follow-up guaranteeing the satisfaction of its customers.


Certified Organic

We produce HBBDE certified essential and vegetable oils


Fair trade

Aromeya applies fair trade rules to all our producers

Aromeya in France

Essential oils and vegetable oils from Madagascar are available in France at A La Quintessence



Aromeya is the distributor and exclusive representative of Aluminum Tournaire packaging in Madagascar