About us


Exporter of organic essential oils from Madagascar

Based in the Central Highlands of Madagascar, Aromeya was founded in 2017 to export local essential and vegetable oils to raise awareness of the incredible quality of our products. We choose high quality raw materials because we want to improve aromatherapy using only quality ingredients.

Aromeya was founded by a Franco-Malagasy couple, Jean-Pierre and Rotsy, born from a passion for natural products. We firmly believe that we can treat and use natural products like pharmaceuticals. Proud Malagasy producers, we export our essential oils and vegetable oils from Madagascar throughout the world.

The name Aromeya comes from Aroma and Gaia (earth gods in Greek mythology). Thus, Aromeya means “flavor of the earth”.

Our CSR actions


In order to meet our needs and also contribute to environmental conservation, we organize reforestation every year.


Every child deserves to go to school, but many miss it for various reasons. At Aromeya, we contribute to the education of 60 children in regions of southern Madagascar.